Hyderabad: Television actor Sameer Alias Amar who shot to fame with Telugu sop Koyilamma landed in a controversy, as he allegedly barged into a flat and created ruckus and assaulted a woman at Raidurgam on 27th January night.

The woman in her complaint claimed he was in a drunken condition at the time of the incident and had even misbehaved with her. 'He abused me, used vulgar language' she said. Videos of the incident have gone viral on social media.

The woman lodged a complaint with Raidurgam police accusing Sameer of assault, misbehaving and trespassing into her flat. While in retaliation to this Sameer and his friend lodged a counter-complaint with police accusing the woman of assaulting them.

According to police, Srividya, Swati and Laxmi started a boutique in the city in a partnership venture, but Swati quit the business midway and started her own. However, she did not collect a few articles belonging to her. On Wednesday night, she along with Sameer went to the flat where Srividya and Laxmi were staying and asked for her belongings. In this process, the three women entered into a quarrel and Sameer intervened in between.

Swati and Laxmi alleged that Sameer had borrowed a huge sum from them and when asked to repay, he had become violent, however, Sameer denied the allegations.

Police started a probe into the incident and are verifying claims of both parties.

The cops are probing both the complaints.

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