Man who killed women for performing 'black magic' believed she was behind his brother's death

A woman was killed over the suspicion of performing black magic in Rachakonda, Telangana.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  3 Feb 2021 2:00 AM GMT
Man who killed women for performing black magic believed she was behind his brothers death

Hyderabad: A woman was killed over the suspicion of performing black magic in Rachakonda, Telangana.

The Rachakonda police have detained the main accused Meghavath Narsimha and three others for the murder. Narsimha believed Bujji had used black magic to kill his younger brother Rajesh. He along with his family and some friends kidnapped her on Sunday and killed her in the Rachakonda hills, the police said.

The victim and the accused are from Gandhi Nagar Tanda in Samsthan Narayanpur of Bhongir district under the Rachakonda police commissionerate. According to the police, Bujji and Narsimha's families had a fight over some issue. Later, on 31 January, Narsimha's brother Rajesh was electrocuted to death at their poultry farm.

Narsimha's family suspected that Bujji had performed some sorcery resulting in Rajesh's death. Since then, he had been waiting for an opportunity to avenge his brother's death.

How the crime unfolded

After his brother's death, Bujji visited Narsimha's house and claimed that Rajesh had died on 'pournami' and that some sorcery may have been behind his death. After some days, the chickens in Narsimha's poultry farm died mysteriously. Later, his wife fell sick when Bujji visited their home. The incidents aroused Narsimha's suspicions that Bujji was practicing sorcery and that she was responsible for his brother's death and his wife's ill health.

Narsimha then hatched a plan to kill Bujji and informed his brother Nagesh, father Baddu, mother Bangari, brother-in-law Korra Shanker, father-in-law Angothu Seetharam, and friends Karantothu Nagesh, Guduru Rajashekar Reddy, and Veeramalla Swamy about the plan.

On 31 January, Narsimha handed over his car to Nagesh, Rajashekar, Veeramalla, and Naresh who waited on the outskirts of Gandhinagar thanda. Then Narsimha sent his brother-in-law Korra Shanker and father-in-law Angothu Seetharam to look for a place to execute their plan.

Meanwhile, Narsimha and his father and mother kept watch over Bujji's house. Soon they saw Bujji get on a motorbike with Yedla Narsimha to go to Bandlalemuru village. Narsimha alerted his brother Nagesh and they followed the two for some distance then pushed Yedla Narsimha and Bujji off the bike.

The men then put Bujji in their car and took her to the hillock where Narsimha first hit her with a stone and later strangled her with her saree.

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