Nalgonda police book former TRS MLA for threatening ex-service man

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  6 May 2021 3:16 PM GMT
Nalgonda police book former TRS MLA for threatening ex-service man

Hyderabad: Nalgonda police booked a former TRS MLA from Nakrekal, Vemula Veeresham and his associate M. Yadagiri who was an ex-MPTC of Kattangur mandal, under charges of threatening a former serviceman and his family over a loan Yadagiri had taken.

According to the police, the victim, Kotesh, on Veeresham's recommendation, loaned Rs 10 lakh to Yadagiri in 2019. Yadagiri then issued two promissory notes valued Rs 5 lakh each as surety and promised to repay the amount soon.

But even after two years, Yadagiri did not repay the amount. Whenever Kotesh asked for it, Yadagiri gave him excuses and postponed the repayment. After many futile attempts, Kotesh approached Veeresham for help in the recovery of the loan who assured him that he would take care of it. But Kotesh saw no follow-up from Veeresham.

Then Kotesh's wife Sandhya went to Veeresham asking for the money where she was allegedly verbally threatened by Veeresham. He claimed no responsibility in reclaiming the loan amount from Yadagiri and challenged the couple to do whatever they want.

Sandhya rushed home and informed her husband about Veeresham's threats. Kotesh is said to have consumed pesticide afterwards to commit suicide. He was rushed to a hospital and is currently under observation. Sandhya then lodged a complaint with the police who registered a case and started an investigation.

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