Hyderabad: The Director General of Police, Telangana Police, on Monday, announced that the prevention of cybercrime is now the 18th item in the duty chart of every police station in Telangana.

While inaugurating the cyber warriors training programme, DGP M Mahender Reddy said that the police have deployed cyber warriors at all police stations in the state to curb the rising number of cyber-based crimes. "The department has begun training 1,988 police officials for the task for this week," said the DGP.

Police personnel have been specially selected and trained at the rate of two per every rural police station, three per every semi-urban police station and five in all commissionerate police stations.

Mahender Reddy said "This is the first time in the country that the police force has deployed cyber warriors in all police stations in the state to curb the growing number of cybercrimes in the face of increasing digitalisation," he said.

He also said cybercrimes can be committed remotely from any part of the world in the current era of 4G mobile services which extend to remote villages as well. "These cyber warriors would play a key role in effectively detecting and preventing these cybercrimes, which are on the rise," said the DGP.

He said that cybercrimes are different from traditional crimes and special training is being imparted in dealing with cyber-based crimes to detect them in advance, investigate and warn people against them. "Every crime that happens now has a cybercrime-related component. The crime investigation would be completed expeditiously if these cyber warriors provided assistance to the officers investigating common crimes. Cybercriminals are committing crimes in a modern manner on a daily basis and the state police force also needed to be updated from time to time in this regard," said the DGP.

Mahender Reddy also said that the year 2021 has been declared as the Cyber Safety Year on January 1, as part of which IG Rajesh Kumar has been appointed as the special officer for the division.

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