Hyderabad: The Cyberabad SHE team received 137 complaints from women in October. The highest number of complaints were about harassment over the phone which stood at 96.

A total of 11 SHE teams in Cyberabad have always been active in keeping a communication channel open – through Whatsapp, email, Hawkeye and other methods - with women in their times of need.

The other complaints involving harassment through social media (9 complaints), stalking and harassing (6 complaints), cheating in the name of marriage (5 complaints), misbehaviour (5 complaints), workplace harassment (4 complaints) and receiving obscene videos and photos (4 complaints) and passing comments (4 complaints). The SHE teams have registered 45 cases so far out of which 17 are criminal cases and 28 are petty cases.

SHE teams also frequently patrol to keep law and order intact on the roads. Around 465 decoy operations were conducted at various places such as bus stops, shopping malls, railway stations, colleges, etc. The team has also conducted 390 awareness programmes in which 13,940 persons participated.

SHE teams also received 82 calls through Dial 100 Immediate Response Teams.

In one such case, they received a complaint from a woman from Jagadgirigutta who said that a 60-year-old man had misbehaved with a six-year-old. The officials then immediately alerted the Domestic Violence Immediate Response Team, went to the spot, and apprehended him. Based on the complaint from the mother, the accused, Shaik Ismail, was remanded and a case was registered.

On 15 October, the SHE teams received a call from a woman in Yellammabanda, Jagadgirigutta, saying that her husband was harassing her 20-year-old daughter. The victim had to leave the house in secret and later the accused had assaulted the complainant when she refused to reveal her daughter's whereabouts. The officials said that they have taken the necessary action to punish the accused and protect the victim.

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