Hyderabad: The police arrested six persons on Monday who are said to be involved in the murder of Mohd Parvez alias Farru, a rowdy sheeter of the Jawaharnagar PS of the Rachakonda Commissionerate.

The accused have been identified as Shaik Suleman (23), Shaik Feroz alias Pittal Feroz (24), Shaik Essa (23), Shaik Awaiz (21), Syed Zameen (20) and Syed Sadiq (38), all residents of Hyderabad.

Mohd Parwaz was a rowdy sheeter of Jawaharnagar under the Rachakonda Commissionerate and was involved in several criminal cases. He was detained under the PD Act in 2015.

According to the police, revenge was the motive for the crime. Shaik Suleman's father has two wives. Shaik Suleman is the son of the first wife and Shaik Essa and Shaik Awaiz are the sons of the second wife. Shaik Feroz and Syed Zameen are their common friends and Syed Sadiq was from their locality. Shaik Suleman and Shaik Essa were rowdy sheeters of the PS Rein Bazar and Shaik Feroz was a rowdy sheeter of Chadharghat PS.

The trouble between them started when Parwaz forcibly took Rs 50,000 that Shaik Suleman had won. He threatened to hurt him if questioned, claiming that he was the biggest 'don' among them. Insulted by his behaviour, Shaik hatched a plan along with the others to kill Parwaz. They called Parwaz to play cards with them where was stabbed to death by them.

Through a thorough investigation, the police managed to trace the crime to the accused and arrested them.

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