Chittoor: The gruesome double murder case of V. Alekya (27) and V. Sai Divya (22) in Madanapalle of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh has become a major headache for the police as they are struggling to find a logical conclusion to the incident. The responsibility of having to explain to the whole nation how a well-educated, effluent couple, V. Purushotham Naidu and V. Padmaja, brutally murdered their daughters due to superstitious beliefs is a heavy one to bear.

According to the medical team at the hospital, Padmaja became delusional a few months ago and her delusional ideas were strong enough to influence the whole family, which eventually led to the murders. Even the preliminary investigation into the case by the police revealed that all four members of the family were in a state of trance when the murder took place.

The police also came to know when Sai Divya fell ill in the first week of January 2021 the couple invited tantrics from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala to their home who performed occult pujas to cure her illness.

According to the police, Alekya had allegedly researched into 'magical powers' to deal with Divya's prolonged illness. The police believed that Alekya had told Sai Divya that a sacrifice is needed and she had asked her parents to sacrifice both of them so that they can be reborn the next day. Hence, the couple killed both her daughters by using dumbbell and trident, said the police.

Based on the testimonies from the neighbours, the police are trying to establish the role of tantrics in connection with the double murder, if any.

The couple was arrested on Tuesday and was produced before the local court. They were shifted to the psychiatry ward of the SVRR Government Hospital in Tirupati to ascertain their mental condition.

Madanapalle DSP A. Ravi Manohara Chari said that they are investigating the double murder case from multiple angles to establish the role of others and to determine the exact reasons behind the brutal murder of the sisters.

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