Warangal: How a gang performed 100 illegal abortions & sex determination tests

One of the accused, Vemula Praveen, previously employed as a technician in scanning centres, orchestrated the illegal operation

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  29 May 2023 2:17 PM GMT
warangal gang performed 100 illegal abortions and sex determination tests

Warangal: Eighteen members of a gang involved in conducting illegal prenatal sex determination tests and performing abortions were apprehended during a joint operation here. The Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU), the task force team, and the KUC police successfully made the arrests at Venkateshwara Colony, Gopalpur.

The operation resulted in the seizure of three scanners, 10 cell phones, and Rs. 73,000 cash from the arrested individuals. At present, several members of the gang are still evading capture, prompting ongoing efforts to track them down.

The accused have been identified as Vemula Praveen, Vemula Sandhyarani, Dr. Balne Parthu, Dr. Moram Aravinda, Dr. Moram Srinivas Murthy, Dr. Balne Poornima, Balne Pradeep Reddy, Kaita Raju, Talla Arjun, D. Pranay Babu, Keerthi Mohan, Balne Ashalatha, Kongara Renuka, Bhukya Anil, Chengelli Jagan, Gannarapu Srilatha, Bandi Nagaraju, and Kasiraju Dilip.

Providing details about the arrests, A.V Ranganath, the Warangal police commissioner, stated, “In response to a complaint regarding illegal sex determination tests, we initiated an investigation into the matter. Our subsequent inquiries uncovered a disturbing operation wherein the gang members would facilitate abortions if a female foetus was detected during the tests. To address this grave issue, a special team composed of the AHTU, task force, and officials from the district and medical health department collaborated to expose the illicit activities.”

He added, “To gather evidence, we conducted decoy operations, which confirmed the gang’s involvement in conducting illegal sex determination tests and performing abortions. Our team worked diligently to ensure that the truth behind these heinous activities was brought to light.”

Wide network of hospitals, doctors

One of the accused, Vemula Praveen, previously employed as a technician in scanning centres, orchestrated the illegal operation. He and his wife, Sandhyarani, rented a house in Venkateshwara Colony, Gopalpur, where they established an illegal sex determination scanning centre. The gang operated discreetly, using portable scanners and hiring staff to carry out illegal tests on pregnant women.

Vemula Praveen set up a clandestine network involving registered medical practitioners (RMPs), public relations officers (PROs), hospital management, medical staff, and certain doctors. When pregnant women sought to determine the gender of their unborn child, the gang would perform abortions at specific hospitals connected to the gang. These hospitals include Lotus Hospital in Hanamkonda, Gayathri Hospital, Upender (Pardhu) Hospital in Nekkonda, and Balaji Multi-Speciality Hospital in Narsampet. The doctors and staff at these hospitals would perform abortions, charging exorbitant fees, and subsequently share the proceeds among themselves.

The gang was charging between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per abortion, and it is estimated that they have already conducted over 100 illegal abortions.

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