Adilabad: A crude bomb exploded at Utnoor of Adilabad district of Telangana on Monday, December 30, afternoon, killing a person and injuring several others. The incident happened when a bike rider, carrying the explosive, skid and fell, causing the explosion. The detonation damaged the victim’s body beyond recognition.

According to sources, a bike rider and his passenger — both reportedly hailing from Maharashtra — came to Adilabad to hunt wild boars that were damaging crops. As the two travellers had to cross over the state border, one of them concealed the bombs in his undergarments, thus avoiding police checks. 

On reaching the Utnoor X Roads, the rider lost control and the bike skid and fell, throwing both of them to the ground. Their fall caused friction, which resulted in detonating the crude bomb on the spot. Due to the proximity, the blast destroyed the pillion rider’s body into pieces, while severely injuring the driver. The explosion also injured a few bystanders standing near the spot. All of them were rushed to a hospital.

Police have cordoned off the area and started a probe.

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