Data: Hyderabad 7th city in India with highest active COVID cases

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Jun 2020 10:15 AM GMT
Data: Hyderabad 7th city in India with highest active COVID cases

Hyderabad: For three straight days, Telangana, which has now ‘amplified’ its testing capacity, has reported 800 plus new Covid-19 cases, every 24 hours. Hitting a stride, In just 9 days, the state recorded a hike in cases from 5,000 to 10,000 positive cases.

Hyderabad, the capital city of the state, continues to be the hotspot and stands in 7th place in the country with 7,596 confirmed Corona cases in the GHMC limits. Telangana stands in 12th place in the country crossing the 10,000 mark.

According to fresh data consolidated by an independent health expert, Rijo M. John, sourced from Covid-19 India Org., metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Thane, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Palgar and Kolkata are among the top 20 districts with highest number of active cases as on June 24.

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Speaking to Newsmeter, Rijo M John said, “The data is in three categories -- confirmed, positive and deceased cases. Hyderabad ranks 7th in the first two variables but is not at the same position in case of the deceased.”

John also added that, “Unlike other states, Telangana has not been transparent in declaring its Covid figures. It was only a week ago they ramped up their testing capacity and the new cases are a result of this. The state’s positivity rate is around 20-25% which exceeds the WHO’s rates and this should serve as a warning.”

He further added, “I am sure a large number of people are still undetected even after the government has announced an increase to 10,000 tests per day.”

It is pertinent to mention that neighbouring Andhra Pradesh’s positive rate is revolving within the WHO rate. “Unless they improve testing, the positivity rate cannot be brought below 5 per cent. If testing capacity is increased, then the positivity rate declared at that time can be considered authentic. These people can be quarantined and provided treatment which will result in seeing a drop in positive cases. If testing is not done properly, there might be chances for more positive people moving in contact with others as they are unaware of the disease and this will only increase the positivity rate. One can hide to some extent but when the hospitals run out of beds and manpower, medical crisis unravels the failures,” he added.

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