Hyderabad: The state of Telangana has reported 195 deaths due to COVID-19, as of June 19. Data independently consolidated by a post graduate doctor treating infected patients at Gandhi Hospital, reveals that, most number of COVID-19 deaths occurred in Greater Hyderabad's south zone area (old city). Places in and around, Charminar, Dhoolpet, Malakpet, Shahgunj, Debeerpura, Yakutpura, Santhosh Nagar were among the list that recorded one or more patients who succumbed to COVID-19.

The below map indicates the COVID deaths occurred in Greater Hyderabad.

The data, sourced from a Post graduate doctor at Gandhi hospital, analyses 117 deaths due to COVID-19 in the state, and classifies them by their residential area and age.

Meanwhile, this independently consolidated data also showed that around 50 percent of people who died due to COVD 19 were in the age group of 50 to 69 years in Telangana. Breakdown of the data reveals that 25 percent (30 people) of the deceased were in their 50s. Further, 23 percent of the dead were in the age group of 60-69 years. 22 percent of deceased were in their 70s while 13 percent were in their 40s. Seven percent of the deceased was in the 30s, while 5 percent were in their 80s.

Telangana Death Table

Further, data has revealed that no person in the age group of 10 and 30 years have died due to COVID so far. Meanwhile, four infants, less than a year old, have succumbed to COVID-19 in the state so far.

Amritha Mohan

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