98% gated community residents prefer in-society COVID-19 vaccination: Survey

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 Jun 2021 11:45 AM GMT
98% gated community residents prefer in-society COVID-19 vaccination: Survey

Hyderabad: A survey conducted by MyGate found that 98 per cent of residents of gated communities are keen on taking the vaccine within the gates of their housing societies.

Around 11,000 housing society residents participated in the survey that was conducted in May 2021 across all major Indian cities, including Hyderabad. The survey found that residents showed immense urgency in getting their families, as well as daily help, vaccinated. On average, a home needed 2.8 vaccines. The survey also revealed that 50% of the respondents were open to taking either Covishield or Covaxin while nearly 25 per cent were open to taking Sputnik as well.

In-society vaccination

To adhere to the wishes of residents who wanted to get vaccinated within their community gates, MyGate, a security and community management app, started a vaccination drive in partnership with healthcare organizations. PEBL City in Hyderabad was among the first societies to benefit from this initiative.

Chandra Kumar, the chairman of PEBL City, said, "We first used MyGate to gauge interest in a vaccination drive and got over 2,000 responses, so we knew there was interest. On arranging the vaccines via Aster Hospital, we used the MyGate app to let residents book their slots in different areas, such as badminton court, clubhouse, and gym. The app also conveniently allowed us to restrict the number of slots per home and the total available per session. We collected Rs. 20 lakh via MyGate and over 4,000 residents, staff, and daily help were vaccinated."

Since the onset of the pandemic, MyGate has been helping people stay safe and adapt to the difficult times. Its features, including Leave at Gate, Temperature & Mask Check, Quarantine at Home - help users minimize risky contact with visitors. The company has also been organizing mass RT-PCR drives for societies.

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