Hyderabad: A new survey has revealed that 69 percent of the citizens want the government to reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel.

Conducted by LocalCircles, the majority of the people surveyed wants reduction by Rs 6 or more.

LocalCircles is a Community Social Media platform that enables citizens and small businesses to escalate issues for policy and enforcement interventions and enables the government to make policies that are a citizen and small business-centric.

The price of petrol in Telangana has crossed Rs 87.59 per liter and the price of Diesel has touched Rs 81.17 per liter on January 8. After holding steady for 29 days, petrol and diesel prices have again started rising.

Of the Rs 87.59 per liter that commoners pay at the pump in Hyderabad, the actual value of petrol is only Rs 26 while the rest are taxes, duty, and dealer's commission.

The central government charges Rs 32.98 (125% of the base price) as excise and the Telangana government levies around Rs 30.65 (Telangana charges 35.20% VAT on petrol and 27% on diesel) per liter on petrol Value-added Tax (VAT).

Similar commissions and taxes are applied for diesel. When the prices of petrol and diesel rise, it has an adverse impact on how individuals commute, how goods are shipped, and how people draw up their budgets.

After hundreds of posts and comments received from people across the nation, LocalCircles conducted a survey to understand citizens' pulse on what the government should do to provide immediate relief on petrol and diesel excise duties, an indirect tax paid to the government by producers of goods.

"Though the Government is in a tight spot financially, what should it do to provide immediate relief to citizens on petrol and diesel prices?" was one of the questions asked.

9,326 responses were received. Individual responses suggest that 31% want excise duty to be cut by 20% on both, 20% and 18% of citizens want a flat cut of INR 10 and INR 15 on both, while 27% said that there's no need for action.

Sixty-nine percent of citizens want the government to reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel. Of which, the majority of citizens want the prices to be reduced by 20% or by INR 6 or more for both petrol and diesel.

This, if done, will reduce the price of petrol to INR 78 per liter and diesel to INR 68 per liter in Delhi and other parts of the country. Delhi has one of the lowest prices of Diesel and Petrol in the country.

Survey Demographics

9,000+ responses were received in this survey from citizens residing in 201 districts of India. 71% of respondents were men while 29% respondents were women. 54% of respondents were from tier 1, 30% from tier 2 and 16% of respondents were from tier 3, 4, and rural districts.

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