Guna Caves: Google search spikes after 'Manjummel Boys' release

The movie is about a group of friends who go on a trip to Guna Caves which results in a life-threatening circumstance for all.

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  3 March 2024 9:55 AM GMT
Guna Caves: Google search spikes after Manjummel Boys release

Hyderabad: Recently, Google search trends have shown a significant spike in interest surrounding Guna Caves in India. This surge can be attributed to the recent release of the box office hit Malayalam movie ‘Manjummel Boys,’ where Guna Caves near Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, was featured.

The movie is about a group of friends who go on a trip to Guna Caves which results in a life-threatening circumstance for all.

Social media reactions point towards a rise in youngsters considering visiting this scenic spot in person.

Analysing search trends

The data, analysed from March 2 at 2:50 pm to March 3 at 2:18 pm, displayed a fluctuating pattern with a noteworthy peak. The interest over time chart revealed a sudden surge in searches around 7:38 pm on March 2, reaching a peak of 58. Subsequently, interest remained low until 8:42 am on March 3, reaching its highest point at 100. This abrupt increase indicates heightened curiosity and interest in Guna Caves during this specific timeframe.

Subregion-specific interest

Delving into subregion-specific data, Puducherry emerged as the area with the highest interest, scoring 100. Following closely are Meghalaya with a score of 48, Himachal Pradesh at 14, and Kerala at 4. This geographical breakdown emphasised Puducherry as a hotbed of curiosity regarding Guna Caves.

Related topics and queries

Related topics further illuminated the context behind this surge in interest.

The top related topic was ‘Guna Cave - Tourist attraction in India’ with a perfect score of 100. Additionally, ‘Manjummel Boys – Movie’ follows with a score of 58, ‘Guna – Rapper’ at 44, and ‘Guna - 1991 film’ with 24.

Delving into specific queries, ‘Guna movie’ topped the list with a perfect score of 100, suggesting a strong inclination towards exploring Guna Caves through the cinematic lens. Guna Caves follows closely behind with a score of 97, indicating widespread interest in learning more about this tourist attraction.

What makes Guna Caves special?

Guna Caves, also known as ‘Pillar Rocks Cave,’ boasts narrow passages, deep chambers, low ceilings, and an intriguing vibe appealing to adventure seekers.

Named Devil’s Kitchen by locals due to folklore, the term ‘Guna’ originated from the famous 1991 Kamal Haasan - Roshni Tamil movie Guna, shot here. The caves feature fascinating rock formations, including stalagmites, stalactites, and natural pillars.

Safety considerations

While the caves offer adventure, they come with risks. Slippery terrains, narrow passages, and low ceilings can pose dangers, especially with limited lighting. Complex paths, flooding in heavy rain, and potential head injuries make caution paramount.

To stay safe, hire a local guide, follow safety guidelines, wear appropriate footwear, carry flashlights, and avoid venturing off marked paths, especially during inclement weather.

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