Lamps to serving platters: Madhuri Balodi & Amit Singh from Noida create magic from any used liquor bottle

It is people from South regions including Hyderabad and Benguluru who send used liquor bottles for getting an upcycled products to Kavi -The Poetry Art Project started by Madhuri Balodi and Amit Singh.

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  9 July 2023 6:27 AM GMT
Lamps to serving platters: Madhuri Balodi from Noida creates magic from any used liquor bottle.

New Delhi: Have you ever thought about upcycling the liquor bottles at home into a lamp, chai glass, or serving platters?

In a world where everyone is trying to go for sustainable living, this Noida-based woman and her business partner Amit Singh have come out with the idea of upcycling used liquor bottles.

From turning Kingfisher beer bottles into chai or water glass to turning vodka bottles into jars, this woman brings magic from any used liquor bottle.

Now, Kavi collaborates with rag pickers who collect bottles and give them to them for upcycling.

Madhuri Balodi and Amit Singh from Kavi -The Poetry Art Project in Noida are upcycling used bottles into beautiful artifacts. Not just from Noida, but they gets bottles from other states including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, and Kerala.

How did Kavi start?

Madhuri, who is a co-founder for Kavi is a former media professional, used to make some upcycling products and put them on Facebook.

"It was in 2012, I made five products and people started asking for the prices, and all were sold within days. At that time, upcycling was just a hobby. Looking at the response, we started Kavi and continued making upcycling products with used glass bottles. We believe that together, we can create an even bigger impact and raise awareness about the importance of reducing glass waste through upcycling," said Madhuri.

Kavi-The Poetry Art Project stands for building a circular economy through upcycling and uplifting grassroots-level artisanship toward its vision and purpose of promoting a green lifestyle with a literary touch among young urban-conscious consumers. Kavi has so far upcycled more than 7 lakh glass bottles.

While she used to make and sell upcycled products, she started getting DM's with people asking if they can send their bottles too.

"Now people send their bottles, and we make the products out of them. It is people from South regions mostly who love getting these upcycled products," she added.

In the process of up-cycling, people send bottles to Kavi not only to use for their home decor but also for gifting to their friends. "I believe that sustainability is not just a trend, but it's a lifestyle," said Madhuri.

"When people loved our work, we started taking things seriously. We left our jobs and worked on this. In 2016, we got a huge order for bottle lamps, and things changed," Madhuri added.

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