Telangana govt invites proposals to document heritage, biodiversity sites

Telangana government is looking for documentation of heritage and biodiversity sites

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  19 April 2024 11:16 AM GMT
Telangana govt invites proposals to document heritage, biodiversity sites

Hyderabad: The Telangana government has opened invitations for proposals on the documentation of heritage sites, wetlands, natural or unique landforms, vegetation, and flora and fauna, in collaboration with EPTRI and Telangana Biodiversity Board (TBB).

This call to action is open to universities, institutions, organisations, NGOs, research scholars, and students.

“Recognising the intrinsic value of preserving both cultural and ecological diversity, the initiative aims to document and conserve various heritage sites across Telangana,” said M Prashanti, IAS, additional secretary to the Government of Telangana at the project’s announcement on April 18 – the World Heritage Day.

The initiative aims to preserve and document the region’s cultural and ecological treasures. It will also be spearheaded by A Vani Prasad, IAS, principal secretary to the Government of Telangana and director general of EPTRI.

Prashanti emphasised the importance of fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our heritage, highlighting the vital role of active participation in its preservation for the benefit of future generations. “This collaborative endeavour seeks to harness the collective expertise and passion of individuals and organisations dedicated to safeguarding Telangana’s heritage for posterity,” said Vani Prasad.

Voices from the community

The heritage workers and members of the community echoed their support for the initiative. Sudha Maruti, a Hyderabadi Heritage activist said, “This initiative is a crucial step towards safeguarding our rich cultural and ecological heritage. It is imperative that we document and preserve these treasures for future generations to cherish and learn from.”

Shafi Ahmed, another member of the Heritage community remarked, “As stewards of our heritage, it is our responsibility to actively engage in its preservation. This call for proposals presents an opportunity for us to contribute towards a legacy of conservation and appreciation.”

A call to action

“On this World Heritage Day, let us heed the call to action and unite in the preservation of Telangana’s invaluable heritage. By documenting and conserving our cultural and natural treasures, we honour the legacy of our ancestors and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future. Join us in this noble endeavour as we celebrate and safeguard the rich tapestry of Telangana’s heritage for generations to come,” concluded Vani Prasad.

With the deadline for proposals set for May 15, interested parties are encouraged to submit their proposals and join the preservation effort.

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