This Andhra’s 4-month-old can identify 120 different things including birds, animals

Kaivalya has been recognised as the "World's first four months baby to identify 100+ flashcards"

By Sri Lakshmi Muttevi  Published on  20 Feb 2024 4:49 AM GMT
This Andhra’s 4-month-old can identify 120 different things including birds, animals

Nandigama: At the age when infants play and sleep all day, four-month-old Kaivalya from Nandigama in Andhra Pradesh got her name etched in the Noble Book of World Records, thanks to her mother Hema who identified her daughter’s hidden talent.

The baby can identify 120 different things, from birds and vegetables to animals, and also photographs.

The world record was set on February 3, 2024.

Kaivalya has been recognized as the world's first four-month-old baby to identify 100+ flashcards.

A video is going viral on social media where her mother Hema is showing flashcards that consist of 12 flowers, 27 fruits, 27 vegetables, 27 animals, and 27 birds, and the baby recognizes them by touching the cards.

"One day, I tried showing her the flashcards and wondered if she could touch and recognize whatever name I asked. I was surprised to see her recognize all the flashcards. We immediately recorded a video showcasing her abilities and sent it to Noble World Records," said Kaivalya's mother Hema.

"I initially applied for the Indian Book of Records. However, their eligibility criterion is above 1.5 years. Then I checked for records that have no age limit. The team at Noble World Records reviewed the video and tested Kaivalya's special talent. They have given her a special certificate, making her a world record holder at the tender age of just four months," said Hema, who was proudly posing with her daughter.

The proud parents of Kaivalya thanked everyone. They hoped that their daughter's story would serve as an inspiration for parents worldwide, encouraging them to cherish the extraordinary talents that their kids may possess.

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