Forget Vijay Deverakonda, `Storm Deverakonda’ is breaking the internet. Storm Deverakonda, the Husky dog, is stealing our hearts with its mesmerizing blue eyes and mischievous smile.

For a change, the canine has a huge fan following on the Instagram. Storm Deveralonda has taken over Vijay and Anand Deverakonda’s account. The canine has 23k followers on Instagram.

From its playdate to everyday activities, Storm’s pictures, are loved and enjoyed.

With shoots on hold, the Arjun Reddy star is spending his time with his family, which includes Storm, the furry munchkin.

Fans say, in the coming months Vijay is going to go green with envy as Storm is becoming popular by the hour. Within days of being introduced as `Storm Deverakonda’, the animal was all over newspapers and entertainment websites.

Storm’s Instagram account looks more interesting than many influencers. No, we are not saying it, Storm’s fans are!

Here are a few pictures of this Furball stirring all the storm with his cuteness.

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