Drone technology: Telangana govt to take up a pilot project

By Sreenivasa Rao Dasari  Published on  4 Sep 2019 1:07 PM GMT
Drone technology: Telangana govt to take up a pilot project

Exploring the use of drones in the transportation of emergency medicine and blood to remote areas

Hyderabad: Taking a step forward in exploring technology applications, the Telangana government has taken up a pilot project on how to transport emergency medicines to remote areas using drones. Telangana government has already been using drone technology in multiple sectors such as mining, law and order, forest protection, etc.

Use of drone technology was a critical component in many initiatives of the Telangana government, said Telangana IT Secretary Mr Jayesh Ranjan during a discussion on ‘Investments and Emerging Technologies in Telangana,’ here on Wednesday. All India Radio was the co-sponsor of the event.

“New master-plan for the development of the temple complex at Yadadri has been done with the help of drone technology. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the Telangana government, at the behest of the World Economic Forum, is gearing up to use drone technology in the transportation of blood and medicines for emergency health services in remote areas. A pilot project is going to be launched soon,” said Mr Jayesh Ranjan.

Responding to a question on data security, Mr Jayesh said that Telangana IT department gives top priority to data security and protection.

“The Telangana government has already started taking many measures. Telangana is at the forefront of technological innovation, using emerging technologies to meet the challenges of a growing digital world. For instance, this drone technology is being used in multiple sectors such as mining, law and order and forest protection,” remarked Mr Jayesh.

During the discussion, Mr Jayesh spoke about data security as the need of the hour and that there is a need for an exclusive law to fortify the existing mechanisms of protection. He also explained about Big Data Anonymisation intended to protect data privacy, Guidelines issued by Supreme Court on Adhaar-based data and establishment of foolproof control mechanisms for databases.

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