Check: A mediocre execution of a "plausibly" gripping tale

Generally, a strong enthusiasm is generated in the audience when a movie is concomitant with a sport. Anticipations...

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  26 Feb 2021 11:11 AM GMT
Check movie review

Rating: 2.5/5

Director: Chandra Sekhar Yeleti
Music director: Kalyani Malik
Producers: Anand Prasad (Bhavya Creations)
Generally, a strong enthusiasm is generated in the audience when a movie is concomitant with a sport. Anticipations inevitably goes up and demands to exhibit an extravagant, gripping and a soul contentment act. Check is one such movie which aroused this initial fervor but a devoid in the main play .
The actual story from playwright's view seems fascinating with the main character Aditya (Nitin), a conman who gets falsely implicated for a terror attack and sentenced to life. How he tries to prove his virtue is the rest of the part. He befriends an inmate Srimanarayana (Sai Chand) and learns how to play the game of chess. He realizes his inborn talent with this game and turns out to be a victor playing at National and International levels. Meanwhile, Manasa (Rakul Preet Singh) takes up his case believing his non-involvement and tries ways and means to prove his innocence including a mercy petition.
Cast and Performances:
Nitin's performance was OK for the experience he has but lacks the intensity required for the character. The scenes involving the game were taken off well but other instances seemed like the hero is lending a casual behavior towards the situation.
Rakul Preet Singh, turned out to be a disillusionment as she tried very hard to fit into the role. There are no break-through or surprise elements involving a lawyer who is defending a terror accused fighting against the system. Priya Varrier shares a song and lesser screen presence and cannot be commended or commented.
Sai Chand as a chess fanatic and coach of the hero does a decent job and keeps up to the expectations. Murali Sharma, Harsha Vardhan in supporting roles did their job and way not exhibited any additional drama.
Plus Points:
Except for the actual storyline and few scenes involving the game there aren't any plus points we can find in this flick.
Negative Points:
The screenplay and narrative falls flat for a supposed to be gripping story. The high intensity scenes in the jail does not impact much and the audience are in treat for a foreseeable act. The music by Kalyani Malik (Ala Modalindhi, Uhalu Gusa Gusalade fame) was just average and nothing to cherish about.
Overall Verdict:
Check, is a handwork of Chandra Sekhar Yeleti famed for his master pieces like "ithey", "anukokunda okaroju" and the recent "manamantha" doesn't create the required impact although it is a story involving terror attacks, jail life and a game at international level.

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