Definition of mass movies has changed after KGF: Aadi Saikumar

Directed by K.Shashikanth, the action thriller is going to hit the screens on December 30.

By Bhavana  Published on  28 Dec 2022 6:23 AM GMT
Definition of mass movies has changed after KGF: Aadi Saikumar

Hyderabad: Hero Adi Saikumar has been busy with back-to-back releases this year. His third movie `Top Gear' is set for release. Directed by K.Shashikanth, the action thriller is going to hit the screens on December 30. Aditya Movies & Entertainment is presenting the film, while K. V. Sridhar Reddy is producing it under the banner of Sri Dhanalakshmi Productions. Ahead of the release, Aadi interacted with the media.

Here are excerpts.

What is your take on Top Gear?

Top Gear is a racy thriller. Director Shashikanth narrated two different stories. The other story is a political thriller. I felt the story of Top Gear is right for me. It's about a cab driver who gets into trouble. What if the small problem becomes a big one? This is the story that happens in one day.

What's the story behind the title Top Gear?

We didn't lock the title before starting the shoot. We felt it was an apt title when Top Gear was proposed. The protagonist needs to switch to top gear when situations demand him to do so. We also felt the title sounded stylish.

What are the standout qualities you found in the director?

Shashikanth has good clarity on everything. Though our DOP Sai Sreeram is very experienced, Sashi designed every shot and Sai Sreeram also liked his work style. He's very confident from day one. Editor Prawin Pudi also liked the outcome.

You mostly did thrillers? What motivated you to do Top Gear?

I didn't mean to do only thrillers. Every second script I'm getting is a thriller. It's difficult to say no to thrillers. However, Top Gear is not completely a thriller. It is going to be different and has all the commercial elements a film needs to entertain the audience.

Will you do mass movies again?

The definition of mass has changed after KGF. People are not keen to watch regular mass entertainers. The story or the narration needs to be different. We are habituated to English-favored movies. I heard a powerful script and it's not a regular one.

What do you say about the action part?

Prithvi is a good fight master. He got a big break with Romantic. He follows the story and choreographs fights. The action part is very natural in the movie. There is a struggle in the fights as well. He took the best care while canning risky stunts.

How crucial is the car's role in the movie?

Art director Ramanjaneyulu wanted the car to be good and special. He designed the car perfectly, as per the need of the story.

How important is the music for the film?

Of course, music is very important, especially the BGM. Harshavardhan Rameshwar is busy with Animal, Ravanasura, and other films. He's also very confident about the outcome. The movie has only one song.

Do you want to come out of commercial format and try different concepts?

Yes, of course. Though I do commercial movies here and there, I'm keen on doing different movies. Top Gear is also a content-based movie. I'm also doing a web series for Zee5, and my character as well as the set-up will surprise you for sure. It's an experimental project. Many are approaching me with commercial subjects. But I'm keen on doing more realistic films that have commercial viability.

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