Eagle review: Ravi Teja’s acting prowess, high production values make film fly high

Ravi Teja’s performance in a different character is good but the story lack's engagement

By Bhavana  Published on  9 Feb 2024 10:48 AM GMT
Eagle review: Ravi Teja’s acting prowess, high production values make film fly high

Hyderabad: Actor Ravi Teja, who is popularly called the Mass Maharaja of Tollywood, is back to the theatres with ‘Eagle’ which hit the screens on Friday. Directed by Karthik Ghattamaneni, the film has Anupama Parameswaran and Kavya Thapar as leading ladies and Navadeep in a pivotal role.


In the dense Talakona forest, Sahadeva Varma, portrayed as a man of influence and mystery, runs a cotton mill. His life takes a dramatic turn when a tenacious journalist uncovers his secret past as an assassin and a covert government scheme. Suspected by Indian National Security agencies for hiding for a decade, Varma became the target of various factions. The narrative unfolds to reveal his history in Poland and his struggle against the groups pursuing him.


The movie attempts to generate excitement around the character Ravi Teja but falls short of engaging the audience for the first hour. The director opts for a voice-over approach to elevate Ravi Teja’s mystique, which doesn’t quite hit the mark.

However, the film gains momentum with sophisticated action sequences post-interval. The narrative continues with high-stakes action scenes leading to a flashback featuring a younger Sahadeva Varma in Poland. While the romantic subplot in Poland isn’t particularly compelling, it manages to suffice.

The climax offers emotional depth, with appealing elements highlighting Ravi Teja’s performance. The director’s segmented storytelling approach falls short of expectations, but the visually appealing cinematography and commendable music and sound design make up for it.

The lavish expenditure showcased on screen by People Media Factory deserves praise. Raviteja delivers a stellar performance in a unique departure from his usual roles, supported by adequate performances from the rest of the cast.

Producer TG Viswaprasad, under People Media Factory, has made this film and it is so visible that the makers did not compromise when it comes to the production values of the film. They left no stone unturned in giving the best quality in the making of the film.

Positives include high-budget stylish action sequences, Ravi Teja’s performance in a different character, and good technical values. On the flip side, the negatives consist of the first half lacking engagement and the narration being sliced and confusing.


Eagle stands out as a solid action movie within the Telugu film industry, featuring excellently crafted action sequences that display style and finesse. Despite its shortcomings, including a lacklustre first half, this high-quality action film merits recognition and support. It’s a must-watch for fans of Ravi Teja and a decent option for general audiences.

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