HIT 2 review: A thrilling plot & Adivi Sesh's performance makes this film a 'Hit'

‘HIT 2’ is the second installment in Sailesh Kolanu’s HIT-verse.

By Bhavana  Published on  2 Dec 2022 11:46 AM GMT
HIT 2 review: A thrilling plot & Adivi Seshs performance makes this film a Hit

Hyderabad: 'HIT 2: The Second Case' hit the screens on Friday and undoubtedly, it is the best crime thriller of the season. Directed by Sailesh Kolanu, the film stars Adivi Sesh along with Komalee Prasad, Srinath Maganti, and Meenakshi Chaudhary. Here's our review of the film:

Sanjana who works in a pub is killed and her body is chopped into pieces. During the forensic examination, it is revealed that the body parts, except the head, do not belong to Sanjana. Krishna Dev, known as KD (Adivi Sesh), is the SP of Visakhapatnam and is handling the case along with his team comprising Varsha (Komalee Prasad) and Abhi (Srinath Maganti). Why was Sanjana killed? Who is the killer and why did he kill three other women? What is the connection between Sanjana and the other women? From there unfold the layers of the film that will give you chills.

Adivi Sesh has done a great job as the cool cop KD. He is the perfect choice for the role and an asset too. Sesh is known for his natural acting, and in this thriller too, he has performed well and stole the show. Meenakshi Chaudhary plays a key role in KD's life and becomes an important part of the investigation that leads him to the killer.

'HIT 2' is the second installment in Sailesh Kolanu's HIT-verse. There are quite a lot of connections between the first and the second film which makes 'HIT 2' an interesting watch. Sailesh has made the connections look natural and they do not seem forced. Strong writing, gripping plot, and entertaining actors make 'HIT 2' worth watching.

The casting for the film is perfect. The cinematography by S. Manikandan is very much perfect, too. The camera work has elevated quite a lot of scenes and visuals. Music by M.M Srilekha and Suresh Bobbili is good and the background score gives the much-needed adrenaline rush. There are many gory scenes in the film due to which it has an 'A' rating.

The first half of the film is slow, focusing on developing the story in Vizag, the murders, the connections, and more. The actual investigation and search for the suspects start in the second half. In other words, the second half is very engaging. 'HIT 2' is something sensitive hearts and minds cannot take. But still, it is worth watching. And the climax is just wow! It ends with hero Nani being transferred to the same post as KD and that begins 'HIT 3'.

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