I am director's actor; I have always enjoyed it: Priyamani

Actor Priyamani spills beans on The Family Man Season 2; opens up about her upcoming films Virata Parvam, Narappa and Maidaan

By Bhavana  Published on  31 May 2021 5:02 AM GMT
I am directors actor; I have always enjoyed it: Priyamani

Priyamani is one of the finest actors in the south who needs no introduction. Part of some really good south Indian movies, she has now become a well-known face in Bollywood. She is currently busy with back-to-back promotions of Amazon Prime Video's The Family Season 2 in which she is playing Suchitra, wife of Srikanth Tiwari played by Manoj Bajpayee.

In an exclusive interview with NewsMeter, the actress gives a glimpse into the second season of The Family Man, and her upcoming films. Excerpts:

The Family Man has been receiving so much love from everywhere. Congratulations on that! How did you react to all this and what made you go for the role of Suchitra?

Thank you. The love and warmth the show has been receiving are amazing. Thankful to the audiences. Coming to the role of Suchitra, the way both Raj and DK have explained the character, was too good. The entire story and my role were so exciting that I said yes to play Suchi. The way they have shaped up the character was impressive and is quite a different role than what I have played till now. Also, Amazon is on board and who will say no to digital debut when you get a chance to work with an actor like Manoj Bajpayee.

Was it easy to step into Suchi's shoes?

I wouldn't say it was challenging. It was exciting. She is an independent working woman, a professor in college who has a family to take care of. Her husband is super busy and is managing to spread her wings in every possible way and bag some good opportunities to grow in her career. She has a lot of things to take care of and yet, is managing everything well and good. So many dimensions to one single character. That is what excited me the most about playing Suchi on screen.

How was working with a versatile actor Manoj Bajpayee?

I would definitely say it is one of the best things that happened to me. Got to learn a lot from him. Before the camera starts rolling, we used to rehearse. Spontaneously too, he used to come up with lines that would help us improvise the scene and make it better. He is so talented. Once the camera starts rolling, you see an entirely different Manoj Bajpayee. You have to be alert when you are shooting with him. Glad to have been part of this amazing show.

How different is the first season from the second?

Entirely different when it comes to the actual story. Both the parts are completely apart. There is double action and double dhamaka. Suchi and Manoj will be working on their relationship this time as there is chaos in their marriage. Also, this season has a lot of actors from the south. It is going to be very exciting.

You have been away from Tollywood for a long time. Any particular reason?

No particular reason. It is just that I was busy with films in other industries, juggling from one city to another. Also, to be frank, I was waiting for some good scripts. Wanted something exciting. That's all. And now, I can say that I am in the best phase of my life.

Finally, you are working with Venkatesh Daggubati for Narappa. Can you tell us about the working experience and the project as well?

I have got the opportunity of working with Venkatesh sir more than thrice. But every time, I was busy with some other projects and I couldn't work with him. And finally, for Narappa, I got the chance to work with. Such a dedicated and passionate actor he is. There are some changes made in the film as per the Telugu nativity. The shooting is completed and we are waiting for things to fall back in place, in order to release it in the theatres.

Priyamani in Narappa

In Virata Parvam, you are playing a Naxalite and the first look was like Whoa!

Yeah. I haven't played a Naxalite till now. So my name in the film is Bharatakka and is she is pretty much close to Rana and his vision in the film. Venu Udugula has narrated the story in such a way that I wanted to play the role and not miss the chance. Bharatakka is a strong woman and she has her own ideologies for which she works hard. Also, the entire film has some strong women characters and actors playing those. The lighting and the cinematography are so awesome that they will take you back to the good old days.

Priyamani in Virata Parvam

Have you wrapped up the shoot for Maidaan?

I have finished shooting for my portion and a few important scenes of the film are still underway. I am super excited about this film as well. I play the wife of Syed Abdul Rahim, the football coach. His wife played a key role in his growth as a football coach. Ajay Devgn is just great when he performs.

It has been ten years since you made your debut. How has been the journey so far?

It has been really great. I would say it has been a successful journey. I enjoyed each movie I have been part of. I worked so hard to reach this stage, which I would call the best phase of my life. I am a director's actor and I have always enjoyed it in every possible way. Thanks to all the audiences who have showered their love on me all this while.

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