In the coming days, there will be different films from me: Actor Sivakarthikeyan on his Telugu debut `Prince'

Here is what the actor said when asked about the reason for choosing Prince for his Telugu debut.

By Bhavana  Published on  21 Oct 2022 3:30 AM GMT
In the coming days, there will be different films from me: Actor Sivakarthikeyan on his Telugu debut `Prince

Sivakarthikeyan's `Prince', directed by Anudeep hit the screens today and expectations are very high. Prince marks Sivakarthikeyan's debut in the Telugu film industry. The movie will also be released in Tamil too. Here is what the actor said when asked about the reason for choosing Prince for his Telugu debut.

Did you plan to do a movie in Telugu? How did Prince happen?

As an artist, I always wish to do films in all languages to entertain the audience and to get appreciation. When it comes to Prince, comedy films are rarely made these days. I love watching comedy movies. Meanwhile, I met Anudeep through my friend. Loved his storyline. Later it became 'Prince'. Prince is a universal subject. Both Telugu and Tamil audiences will like it. Dialogues and comedy will be very organic in the film.

Which point excited you more when Anudeep told the story?

I watched Anudeep's Jathi Ratnalu. There is pure innocence in the characters that Anudeep writes. Characters in his film react in unexpected ways. Also, `Prince' will be very exciting. An Indian falls in love with a British girl. But the mindset of people in that village is different. They set a lot of conditions when it comes to love and marriage. The point of breaking their mindset is narrated excitingly in the film. Sathyaraj Garu's character in the film also excited me. Sathyaraj's character tells his son, "Don't marry a girl of our caste and religion." He will be seen as a very unique character.

Did you dub for yourself?

No. In my opinion, dubbing should not be done if you are not well-versed in the Telugu language. Dialogue modulation is very important. It comes only when we have a command language. I just speak a little Telugu with Anudeep. However, I still haven't got that much command of Telugu to dub for myself.

In Doctor, your body language is very settled. Also, you generated a good comedy from it. What kind of body language does Prince have?

Varun Doctor is a dark comedy. The movie has not related to real life. There is not even a small smile or emotion in my character in Varun Doctor. But that's where the humor comes from. However, in real life, I can't go even half an hour without laughing (Laughs). So I can relate more to the Prince character. Anudeep designed his body language. I used to act in every scene only when Anudeep showed me.

How did you feel doing a Telugu film for the first time?

`Prince' project was a challenge. Anudeep wrote the script in Telugu. We took the Telugu script into Tamil as a challenge and worked on it. The output is amazing. There is an idea to make bilingual films in the future as well. Vijay is doing a movie with Vamsi Paidipally. Also, Ram Charan - Shankar are working together. It is a very good thing to make a film together in both industries. KGF, RRR, Vikram, and Kanthara films received great success. The industry of the South is now on a high pedestal.

Tamil heroes mostly do action entertainers. Why did you choose entertainment-oriented films?

In the coming days, there will be different films from me. I am also doing a science fiction film. There is also a fantasy movie in the pipeline. There is an idea to make films of all genres.

How will you select stories?

I don't think about the previous film while choosing a story for my present film. If my past film was a huge success because of Comedy, then I will not think of choosing my next projects also based on the same point. Why should the audience watch this story, what is new in it, and how do critics see the film? These are some factors I consider.

Can you share something about your 10 years journey?

After working in TV, I got into movies. I grew up as a solo hero playing small roles. Every experience has helped my career. I can't forget the love shared by the audience over these ten years.

Many people compare your journey with Telugu actor Nani Garu, right?

Yes. Nani Garu also worked as an anchor and as an assistant director. I also worked as an Anchor and Assistant Director. Even the audience says that we look similar. Nani also had an inspiring journey.

Can you share about the producers of Prince?

Suresh Production is a legendary production house. They have a history of making great films in Tamil as well. Happy to be a part of Suresh's production. Sunil is the reason why this project started. He has been very encouraging from the beginning. Shanti Talkies Arun has done this project with great coordination.

Which directors would you like to work with in Telugu?

Rajamouli. Everyone wants to work with him. I also like Trivikram and Sukumar movies.

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