Interview : 'It is going to entertain all my fans': Chiranjeevi on Waltair Veerayya

So I again choose commercial scripts only. Otherwise, who wants to not work happily in a relaxed role and do some gun-shooting scenes?

By Bhavana  Published on  11 Jan 2023 7:28 AM GMT
Interview : It is going to entertain all my fans: Chiranjeevi on Waltair Veerayya

Hyderabad: Chiranjeevi is super excited about his upcoming film `Waltair Veerayya'. Directed by Bobby Kolli and produced by Mythri Movie Makers, the film is slated for Sankranti release on January 13.

Ahead of the release, the actor spoke to the media and spilled beans on some of the interesting things from the film. Excerpts:

Q: Since day one, people are looking forward to watching the vintage Chiranjeevi back on screen with Waltair Veerayya. Did you feel the role was bringing out the vintage vibes in you?

Chiranjeevi: Yes. I did feel so. People have been comparing this role to the ones I played in Gang Leader, Mutha Mestri, Shankar Dada MBBS, and a lot more. I am happy they all could feel they would get to see me and the vintage me back. When Bobby came to me with this character, I loved it so much that I said yes. It has so many shades that I enjoyed playing it. It is going to entertain all my fans out there.

Q: The trailer promises an out-and-out entertainer. And unlike any of your films, you recite dialogue from Ravi Teja's movie. That banter looked great. How was working with him after 22 years after Annayya?

Chiranjeevi: It was very nice. Working with Ravi Teja is a pleasure. Never realized it has been 22 years since the release of the film. He has changed a lot as an actor and improved a lot now. Ravi himself is a fan of mine and shared some fanboy moments with me while shooting. He is very energetic on the sets and on-screen as well. I and Ravi Teja have good chemistry. The comedy and humor those scenes offer… you better be ready for a laughter riot.

Q: What kind of films interest you? Are you looking for commercial entertainers only or something like Venkatesh in Drishyam playing a father or Kamal Haasan in Vikram playing a grandfather?

Chiranjeevi: I would love to play such roles. Always being a hero on screen… traveling to other countries to dance at cold temperatures, doing action sequences in water and mud… at this age…sometimes I ask myself if it is necessary. But there are times when I think about the fans only and realize they want to see me in action. So I again choose commercial scripts only. Otherwise, who wants to not work happily in a relaxed role and do some gun-shooting scenes?

Q: After 45 years in cinema and beyond 150 films, do you find it difficult to find scripts that suit your age?

Chiranjeevi: That part has been difficult all the time. It is not easy to find a script that you are sure audiences want to watch by buying a ticket. When directors come to narrate a script to me, I don't listen to it, but visualize it. I try to imagine how that scene is going to come out and that itself helps me to decide whether I should be doing it or not. All that I look for in a script is emotion and entertainment. If can trust the director he can deliver that, then it is a yes. So yes… finding the right script any day is a difficult job.

Q: What drives you? What excites you every morning?

Chiranjeevi: It is my work that excites me. It is the fans and audiences who excite me. The urge to do something good and give the best to the cinema is my driving force. I am still working. There are fans out there showering so much love on me and expecting me to do more films and entertain them. That thought itself is enough for me to wake up and spend the day.

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