Imagine Prakash Raj discussing ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19!

Welcome to the world of spoofs, where the voiceover parody, hilarious videos are enlivening the mood of sullen people.

Spoofs of popular scenes and songs are something people often get to watch on various social media platforms. Most of the time, these spoofs are something that co-relates with the current topics.

One such spoof that is doing rounds is from Mahesh Babu's Khaleja movie. It includes scenes of Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh. And the spoof is about Anandayya and his ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19.

Anandayya has been making headlines for a few days now. In the video, Prakash Raj, the antagonist, is seen as someone who is against Anandayya. Rao Ramesh, the protagonist, will be talking about Anandayya

"All those hospitals that were treating COVID-19 patients in Nellore are empty now and who is responsible for this?" a voiceover parody Prakash Raj says in the video.

Rao Ramesh in the voiceover parody says: "It is Anandayya. He did not want anyone in Nellore to wear the mask and suffer from COVID-19. So he has made this medicine and wants people to benefit from it. Here nobody is dying. Someone or the other from every family is dying due to this disease and this is just because they aren't able to pay the hospital bills. Anandayya is someone who cannot see this happening as families are losing their loved ones. So he has come up with this ayurvedic medicine that can cure everyone who is suffering from the disease."

Bhavana Sharma

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