Interview: `This film is special for both of us': Sivakarthikeyan on `Doctor' and relationship with Nelson

Besides playing the lead, the actor also produced the movie and is excited about the movie reaching theatres

By Bhavana  Published on  9 Oct 2021 2:59 AM GMT
Interview: `This film is special for both of us: Sivakarthikeyan on `Doctor and relationship with Nelson

Actor Sivakarthikeyan (SK) is excited about the release of `Doctor'. Besides playing the lead, the actor has produced the movie as well. Directed by Nelson Dileep Kumar, Priyanka Arul Mohan is playing the leading lady in the much-awaited movie.

In an interview with NewsMeter (NM), he poured his heart out: Excerpts.

NM: The release of the film has been delayed for a long time now and there were a lot of speculations of direct release on OTT?

SK: I am so happy that the film is releasing in the theatres. I produced the film keeping the theatres in mind. We had struck a deal with OTT because theatres weren't opening. But finally, we are back in theatres

NM: Doctor is all about human and organ trafficking. How challenging were the plot and character?

SK: As a person, I am someone who is always laughing and jovial with people around. The doctor in this film is always serious and hardly shows any other expression or emotion. I used to try my level best not to laugh during comedy scenes. However, I used to end up laughing and we had to reshoot the scenes. Nelson used to shout at me saying 'Hey! You are the producer, man. Do you want the shoot to be delayed and do the scene tomorrow again?' Then I used to tell myself not to laugh. On the whole, working on this film has been a great experience.

NM: You became popular among the Telugu audiences with Remo in which Keerthy Suresh played a lady lead. Later, you became the darling of Telugu audiences with movies like Seemaraja, Kanaa, Hero, and Shakti. How has been the experience so far?

SK: I am still learning the language. I want producers themselves to announce the project and I don't want to reveal anything more about it. This project came to me just before the lockdown due to the second wave. A lot of things are yet to fall in place for this project.

NM: Not many know that director Nelson Dileep Kumar and Sivakarthikeyan are good friends. You even worked as an assistant to Nelson?

SK: I have been working with him for ages now. This film is special for both of us. We have not made the movie just as filmmakers but as friends. Nelson has done a great job and I am sure he will prove his mettle once again

NM: SK has come a long way in his career. From playing a host to working as assistant director, he toiled hard to reach this stage. What was the most challenging part of your journey?

SK: Each day was a challenge. Learning a lot of things and then unlearning them, and this process went on and on. But thankfully, a lot of people helped me overcome all the hurdles. Hard work and the love of the fans brought me here.

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