'Peddanna': Sheer disappointment for Rajinikanth fans

There's a high dose of brother and sister relationship and bonding. It is difficult to watch after a point.

By Bhavana  Published on  5 Nov 2021 3:34 AM GMT
Peddanna: Sheer disappointment for Rajinikanth fans

Cast: Rajinikanth, Nayantara, Keerthy Suresh

Director: Siva

Rating: 2.5

Rajinikanth's Peddanna hit the screens on the occasions of Diwali and it turned out to be a sheer disappointment to his fans. Directed by Siva, the film has Keerthy Suresh, Nayantara, Khushbu, and Meena in lead roles.

Veeranna's (Rajinikanth) life revolves around his sister Kanaka Mahalakshmi (Keerthy Suresh). He loves her so much that he can do literally anything for her. After she completes her studies, Veeranna, popularly known as Peddanna in their village Razolu, decides to get his sister married. He finally brings the potential alliance and on the day of the wedding, Kanakam goes missing. `Peddanna' comes to know that his sister eloped with her boyfriend.

Kanakam is in a tough situation now and is struggling for money. She's living a life that's completely opposite to the one before eloping. This is in Kolkata. There comes the villain who is taking revenge on Kanakam. Will Veeranna save his only sister from deadly villains?

You don't have to think of how Rajinikanth has performed because you know he nails the show. At the age of 70, he has given his best. Nayantara, his ladylove, essays the role of a lawyer. She plays a vital role in saving Kanakam from the goons. More than that, she has nothing to do in the film. Keerthy Suresh's emotional drama is worth appreciation. She has done a good job. Khushbu and Meena can be seen only for a few minutes. Just for a song and some comedy.

Prakash Raj, Abhimanyu Singh, and Jagapathi Babu are the three antagonists in this film and even they don't have strong characters.

Jagapathi Babu underwent a lot of transformation for this film. He looks raw, rustic, and violent.

Director Siva has made another Viswasam where he replaced the daughter's character with sister and the father's one with brother. In Kolkata, the entire second half happens and Keerthy is seen crying in every scene. Even to reach from one mortuary to another in the same hospital, the heroine is seen running every street of Kolkata. There's no feel of Kolkata here. Everybody talks in Telugu and even the antagonist becomes less powerful than Peddanna. This happens all of a sudden. Similarly, there are a lot of glitches in the story.

There's a high dose of brother and sister relationship and bonding. It is difficult to watch after a point. The songs and camerawork are good. Songs are shot well and everything looks rich.

There was a huge expectation from this film. But it has ended in disappointment. If you are a Rajni fan and want to watch him on a big screen, just go for it.

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