Hyderabad: Colonel Santhosh Babu was among 20 soldiers martyred during Indo-China standoff at the Galwan Valley in Ladakh on June 15. The government provided Colonel Babu’s family with Rs five crore ex-gratia and a piece of land in Hyderabad. His wife was appointed as Deputy Collector by the Telangana government. benefits of army soldiers

Following are the basic benefits of the army soldiers and their families after the causality of the Army Personnel.

1. Compensation/Pension/Terminal Dues paid by the Government

A. Liberalized family pension (LFP). As applicable to Battle Casualty that is equal to emoluments last drawn by the deceased individual.

B- Ex-gratia lump sum compensation from Central Government:-

(I) Death occurring due to accidents in the course of duties- Rs 25 lakh.

(ii) Death in the course of duties attributable to acts of violence by terrorists- Rs. 250 lakh.

(iii) Death occurring during enemy action in war or border skirmishes or in the action against militants, terrorist- Rs. 35 lakh.

(iv) Death occurring while on duty in the specified high altitude, inaccessible border posts, etc on account of natural disasters, extreme weather conditions- Rs. 35 Lakh.

(v) Death occurring during enemy action in international war or warlike engagements which are specially notified- Rs. 45 lakh.

C- Death-cum-Retirement gratuity (DCRG). Based on the service period and emoluments last drawn by the deceased individual.

2. Compensation/Pension/Terminal Dues (Ex-Gratia) paid by the State Govt. As applicable. Rates vary from State to State.

3. Other Benefits by the Government.

A. Compassionate Appointment to the Next of Kin (NOK). As per eligibility and qualification of NOK of the deceased soldier through respective Line Dates (as per Government Scheme)

B. Education Concessions. Full reimbursement of the tuition fee. Also full reimbursement of Hostel charges for those studying in boarding schools and colleges.

C- Fare and Rail Travel Concession. 75% concession on base fare by Indian Air Lines and for travel by Second Class Sleeper by train.

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