Explainer: Donating plasma for COVID patients is just a click away

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  31 July 2020 5:31 AM GMT
Explainer: Donating plasma for COVID patients is just a click away

Hyderabad: Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) on Friday launched an initiative to connect plasma donors with the COVID patients-in-need.

The SCSC has urged the donors and recipients to register on its official website.

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"Since its initiation, the organization has received requests from 400 plus patients. 190 plus people have registered for plasma donation," SCSC Secretary Krishna Yedula told NewsMeter. The platform has also facilitated over 100 donations in the last week.

Donors and recipients have to follow a simple procedure for registration:

1. Donors or Recipients can register on donateplasma.scsc.in

2. Donors & Recipients to furnish declaration prior to registration

3. Donors & Recipients are required to carry out OTP verification to register

4. Once the declaration is accepted and OTP verification is done, recipients need to fill in details of Name, Age, Gender, Blood group, mobile number, Hospital IP number. They need to upload the prescription of a doctor and address details, etc.

5. Once registered, a person will receive confirmation through SMS.

6. A notification also goes to the COVID Control room with the registration number of the recipient.

7. Similarly, post declaration and OTP confirmation, donors can register their details like name, age, gender, blood group, and recovery date, etc.

8. At the same time, SMS confirmation is sent to donor and notification to COVID control room

9. COVID control Room in the Admin console will get matching details based on blood group, area details, recovery date, etc.

10. COVID control calls donors and explains the process to help recipient and hospital name etc

11. COVID control room arranges transport for the donor for visiting the hospital where the recipient is admitted.

12. Doctor checks are prerequisites for antibody matching.

13. If plasma matches, transfusion follows.

14. Recipients confirm the fulfillment of need in the app link.

15. Cyberabad Police and SCSC felicitate all such donors.

The SCSC also launched the a platform for plasma donation in Pune on Thursday, in collaboration with Pune police force.

Chairman of SCSC and Cyberabad Commissioner of Police VC Sajjanar said it was a moment of pride to see commissionerate's model being replicated in other cities of the country.

Society for Cyberabad Council was founded in 2006 and operated in collaboration with the Cyberabad Police. It launched its COVID control room in March to assist the state government. The team consists of volunteers and staffers from the Cyberabad Police force.

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