Explainer : What is Atmanirbhar Bharat abhiyan?

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  13 May 2020 10:08 AM GMT
Explainer : What is Atmanirbhar Bharat abhiyan?

Hyderabad: In the 8 pm address to the nation, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi focused on making India AtmaNirbharBharat, which means 'self-reliant'.

What does this self-reliant mean and how is India planning to achieve it is a big question that he left us to think. While Finance Minister will explain about the ‘Atma Nirbhar package’ of Rs 20 lakh crore to the nation this evening, we tried to decode from Narendra Modi’s speech what it could actually mean.

Highlights of self-reliance from Narendra Modi’s speech

Modi said, “Before coronavirus outbreak India was producing very less N95 masks and was not producing any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits. After lockdown, every day India is producing around 2 lakh PPEs and N95 Masks.”

With this statement we can understand that India is not waiting for necessary items to be imported amid Covid-19 pandemic.

This apart, he said India will occupy a prime position in the world in 21st century, only if we become self-reliant. Then, he spoke of five pillars to be self-reliant. They include

Economy – Modi said that we need to develop our economy so that it would take quantum jump but not be happy with incremental change.

Infrastructure – the structure which represents modern India

System – A technology-driven government system that focuses on new developments and fulfils the dream of 21st century

Deomgraphy – Modi said that India which is the largest democracy also has a vibrant demography which can make India self-reliant

He said that the demand and supply chain should be seamless and exploited to the maximum.

Modi also stressed on the need to be vocal for local products. He said, “I had asked you to support local handloom products and purchase locally made fabric. With your patronage, now, Khadi has become a brand.”

“All global brands were local at one point of time. They grew into global brands as people outside the country started buying them. Similarly, we should also promote local brands to make them flourish as global brands.”

He urged people to buy only local products so that we Indians are not dependent on other countries in the world. “This will help in boosting our economy,” he said.

Modi also hinted at bold social reforms to be taken during this hour of crisis.

He said that encouraging local products and realising the “Make in India” policy will make the country self-reliant and help in marching ahead with confidence into the 21st century.

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