Fact Check: A 2019 election news clip shared by BJP leader with false claims

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 Nov 2020 11:26 AM GMT
Fact Check: A 2019 election news clip shared by BJP leader with false claims

Hyderabad: In light of the ongoing Bihar Assembly elections, a clip from an ABP News broadcast was shared by Priti Gandhi, national in-charge of social media for BJP, Mahila Morcha.

In the tweet, Gandhi claimed that the crowd at a Tejashwi Yadav rally - who is the Rashtriya Janata Dal leader - in Bihar have only come for entertainment since they have already decided to vote for the BJP. The clip showed an ABP News reporter asking people who they will vote for in the elections to which many have seemed to have replied 'BJP'.


The claim that people at the RJD leader's rally said that they will only vote for the BJP in the upcoming Bihar elections is false, including the date on which the broadcast was made.

Firstly, no one in the video can be seen wearing a mask, this gives a hint that this video may not be from 2020. We also noticed a ticker on the screen reading, "Fastest result on May 23 only on ABP News."

Using this information, we performed a keyword search and found that this ABP News broadcast was uploaded in May 2019 ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. The rally was held in Kesariya in Champaran district.

The video shared by Gandhi started from the 4:25 minute mark, excluding the beginning of the broadcast. In its latter part, people can also be heard saying that they will cast votes for Tejashwi Yadav.

Reporter Utkarsh Singh who was talking the crowd in the broadcast also clarified on Twitter that the clip was from 2019.

Thus, a clip from a 2019 ABP News broadcast was shared by BJP�s Priti Gandhi with false claims.

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