Fact check: Can cocaine kill Corona virus?

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  9 Feb 2020 11:31 AM GMT
Fact check: Can cocaine kill Corona virus?

Hyderabad, Feb 9: After corona virus pandemic emerged in Wuhan, the entire world is panic-stricken and clueless about the measures to be taken to avoid getting inflicted and on the treatment to stop the infection from spreading. False news are in circulation about the spread of the epidemic and its treatment.

The latest that are going viral are with "cocaine kills Corona virus" claims. These claims are shared along with a picture which seems to be a TV news screenshot, though the channel's name is not clearly seen.

Few others also claimed "Weed kills Corona Virus". Film maker Vivek Agnihotri also shared this on Twitter.

Fact Check:

As of today, Researchers are still in the early stages of developing ways to treat the dangerous strain of corona virus. According to the World Health Organisation, there is no specific treatment available to treat 2019-nCov as of now. WHO claims that clinical trials are under way, but there is no mention of a cure being established.

No news channel has broadcast such a message. A reverse image search of the screenshot of one of the claims has led us to a meme generator website named dopl3r.com. The photo comes from an automatic memes generator that allows you to import an illustration of your choice with a few clicks and to write your own message. All you have to do is photograph it on a screen to give this image the illusion of a TV broadcast.


The website carries several meme templates and GIFs that can be generated in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Therefore, these claims that "Cannabis or Marijuana weed can cure Corona Virus" are devoid of any scientific basis and should NOT be believed.

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