Hyderabad: Even though Delhi is gradually limping back to normalcy, many photos and videos pertaining to the ghastly riots are still in circulation in the social media. Though a few of them are true, many that are not related to the Delhi incidents are going viral on the internet.

One such video with Bengali titles has been vigorously shared on Facebook. It depicts a constable beating a woman, who is holding a child. The video is titled "Watch the brutality of the Delhi Police"

It has been shared many times in Facebook.

Facebook Results Of Police Beating Women Video

Fact Check:

After analysing the particular video on Invid tool and performing Google Reverse image search using screenshots from the video, Newsmeter team found that this video is NOT related to the Delhi riots and is from Gwalior.

This video also went viral last May, after which the incident caught the attention of officials and was widely covered in the media.


According to an NDTV report, the incident took place in the Gwalior railway police station. The video starts with three women, each of whom is holding a child, seated on the floor. The police officer in question gestures at them to get up, at which point they start crawling while crying and pleading.

The officer then strikes one woman repeatedly with his lathi before grabbing her hair, forcing her to stand up and then hitting her on her back before gesturing to something on the floor.

Still pleading and crying, the 'victim' holds her hand up in defence before packing her belongings into a bag.

Three other police officers are seen in the video, at least one of whom appears to be smiling while the women are being assaulted.

Gwalior police claimed that the video is at least two years old and they were unaware of its existence until it appeared on social media.

Times of India and others also reported this incident.



A local channel named IBC24 has uploaded this video in its YouTube channel on May 6, 2019.

Therefore, the claim that this video of police constable beating a woman is from Delhi riots is FALSE, it is more than two years old and is from Gwalior.

Claim Review :   Cops beating women is from Gwalior and not Delhi
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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