Fact Check: Did Chinese President visit Muslim homes to find out why they were unaffected by Coronavirus?

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  7 March 2020 3:35 AM GMT
Fact Check: Did Chinese President visit Muslim homes to find out why they were unaffected by Coronavirus?

Hyderabad: A video, that is being widely shared on Facebook, claims that Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Muslim homes in the country to find out why the deadly Coronavirus has not affected them.

One user shared the video with a post that read, "Pls.see my reality video and documentary: The honourable Chinese President SI JING PING"S reality documentary with minor Muslims religious citizens in china during the present CORONA VIRUS situation -see without MASK he visited China's Muslims colony and eating halal food with Muslim family ... I Love SI JING PING. because of he honoured Muslim Chinese citizens and advising Whole Chinese Nations to follow and honour muslim"s activities along with to habit only Muslim halal foods to remove CORONA VIRUS and others disease which is mentioned by Allah in holy koran the halal food"s .. qualities Whear ase indian strictly Hinduist Amit"s party BJP killing Muslim peoples the mosques of Muslims are being burning.in india.. .those types of stupid blind they eating Dirty the cow"s urine and waste.....really we Muslim shaming and Hate the dirty animals culture in the country ...by almighty this is enough to destroy and deviate the country for the minor Muslim extermination in India, the most majority peoples of india protecting aganist NRC and BJP"s activities .. I don't blame all the hindus, majority hindus is excellent and better thouse who protecting against the Muslim extermination ... we saluted those positive types Hindus brothers & sisters in india / Kolkata... (sic)"

The video he shared is narrated in Bengali and the narrator says that Xi is impressed by the way Muslims live in China. He goes on to say, "While entire China is affected by the Coronavirus, Muslims have been unaffected. The Chinese President visited them to find out why Muslims were not affected by this virus. He came to see what they eat and analyse their habits. After meeting a few Muslim representatives, he was surprised to know the details. He also went around to understand their halal practices."

The video seems to be a compilation of activities from different days. The narrator also says that the President asked the Muslim families how they cut and eat the meat and claims that Xi praised their eating habits.

Fact check:

The claim is FALSE. Various video clips from Xi Jinping's 2016 trip to the autonomous northwest region of Ningxia Hui have been meticulously used to create this video.

We found a logo of 'Jadid TV Bangla' on the video. When we searched this YouTube channel, we found that the same video was uploaded on 20 February 2020. The Bengali description of the video reads, "Inshallah to establish Islam in China this year || See how President of China is going to Muslim houses taking advice."

This video is a compilation of different videos of Xi's visit to Ningxia Hui. On performing a search using keywords 'Xi Jinping Ningxia Hui visit', we found a few videos from 2016. The visuals of the video match the visuals from a video uploaded by CCTV news agency on 20 July 2016. The title of the video says 'China Reiterates Determination to Shake off Poverty by 2020'. The video that is going viral on social media is of the same duration as this one uploaded by CCTV news agency.

The description of the video says the Chinese president reiterated his commitment to eradicate poverty in China by 2020 during his inspection tour in northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region. During a visit to local villages to inspect poverty relief progress, Xi congratulated villagers for their achievement in eradicating poverty and gave further advice on children's education and agricultural production. "Seeing the happiness of your life, I also feel very happy. I want to express my thanks for what you have done. Your efforts have shown the right road for us, and I wish your life will become better and better," Xi says while visiting the villagers were relocated from places where they could not survive. While visiting a vegetable greenhouse in Yongning county, Xi called on enterprises in poverty-stricken regions to help alleviate poverty for common prosperity.

Therefore, the claim that Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Muslim homes to understand why they were not affected by Coronavirus is FALSE. This video is from 2016 when Xi visited the autonomous northwest region of China.

Claim Review:Chinese President visit Muslim homes to find out why they were unaffected by Coronavirus
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