Fact Check: Did Jaaved Jaaferi tweet about Muslim fruits and vegetable vendors?

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  18 April 2020 1:15 PM GMT
Fact Check: Did Jaaved Jaaferi tweet about Muslim fruits and vegetable vendors?

Hyderabad: Local vegetable vendors have been the lifeline for common people during the lockdown, ensuring there is no crowding at the local bazaars. But fake news spreading confusion has left the people confused.

Recently a photo claiming to be a tweet of Bollywood actor Jaaved Jaaferi is going viral on the social media.

The graphic reads, "It is not necessary that all those Muslims spitting on fruits and vegetables while selling them are coronavirus positive. Even then few Hindu costumers are boycotting Muslim sellers and are spreading hatred. Why are they so intolerant?"

The graphic was shared widely:

Fact Check:

This claim that Jaaved Jaaferi has accused Hindus of spreading hatred is FALSE.

Though the handle seen in the graphic is a verified twitter account of Jaaved Jaaferi, it was not tweeted by him. It is a photoshopped graphic shared to instigate communal hatred.

Jaaved Jaaferi tweeted a clarification about this viral graphic saying, "This screen shot of a tweet attributed to me is fake and insidious and made viral by the rampant #FakeNews scum. My tweets and speeches have always promoted communal harmony and in today's trying time's where the world unites to fight an enemy of humanity."

According to the report published by India Today, Jaaved Jaaferi clarified that he did not post any anti-Hindu tweet and the viral screenshot is fake. Jaaved also said that he will file a defamation suit against the social media user who circulated the tweet under actor's name.


Hence, this viral graphic is not a tweet by Jaaved Jaaferi. The above claim is FALSE.

UPDATED: April 24, 2020

Claim Review:Jaaved Jaaferi tweet about Muslim fruits and vegetable vendors
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