Fact Check: Has Nestle introduced beef-flavoured Maggi in India?

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  13 March 2020 3:33 AM GMT
Fact Check: Has Nestle introduced beef-flavoured Maggi in India?

Hyderabad: An image of beef-flavoured Maggi noodles is going viral on social media. Netizens were surprised to see that their favourite brand of noodles is introducing beef flavor in the Indian market. One Twitter user tweeted, "@NestleIndia What is this @MaggiIndia? Are you serving beef? If it's true, I will never eat any #Nestleindia products (sic)."

Many had similar questions. Another user tweeted, "@NestleIndia Are you selling this beef flavour Maggi noodles in India? (sic)"

The same queries have been shared in Telugu, too.

Fact Check:

Maggi, a product of Nestle, is sold not only in India but in many other countries. The image that has been going viral is NOT one of the Nestle products that is sold in India. The above claim is FALSE.

NewsMeter did a search using keywords Maggi Beef and found various websites of Maggi, including ones in Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East, which featured various Maggi beef products.

Maggi Arabia

Maggi Aus

We even found a Malaysian website featuring Maggi beef flavor cup noodles.

However, when we searched Maggi's India website, we found they have only chicken noodles in the non-vegetarian section.

The official Facebook page of Maggi also mentioned only chicken products on their products page.

Maggi Fb

The official Twitter account of Nestle, @NestleIndiaCare, clarified that they do not sell any beef products in India. "Hi, we would like to inform you that MAGGI Noodles manufactured and sold by Nestlé India does not contain beef or any form of beef flavor (sic)," Nestle India tweeted.

Hence, the claim that Nestle is selling beef-flavored Maggi in India is FALSE. The viral image is NOT a product that Nestle sells in India. However, it is sold in other countries.

Claim Review:Nestle introduced beef-flavoured Maggi in India
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