The world is at high risk due to COVID-19 pandemic, where health care professionals are working day and night to fight it out. Amidst this chaos, many pictures of doctors are in circulation in the social media praising their commitment and sacrifice.

Among these, is a picture of a man standing in front of a gate and watching his two children. The photo was shared with a narration that this image of Hadio Ali Khazatsin, a neurosurgeon at Bintaro Premier Hospital, Indonesia who died from being infected with the Corona COVID-19 virus on March 22, 2020.

It has been shared in Facebook with a narrative: "This picture has a lot to say. This is the last photo of the Dr Hadio Ali (doctor recently died after treating the people affected by Corona virus in Jakarta,Indonesia). This is his last visit. Standing by the gate and watching his children and pregnant wife. What will be in the mind of those children.. can we get together once and get together again.. The Doctor did not want any kind of contact with the family to avoid any kind of disease.Stood as a viewer at the gate like a stranger. That was the last meeting. We should not lose in this war. Let's greet the doctor with pain and sorrow. This doctor is the hero of Indonesia. The Hero who treated many patients till death. #RESPECT"

This image is shared virally on Twitter too with a narrative that says: "#Heartbreaking: This picture has a lot to say. This is the last Pic of the Dr #HadioAli (doctor recently died after treating the people affected by #CoronaVirus in #Jakarta, #Indonesia)

This is his last visit. Standing by the gate & watching his children & pregnant wife."

Fact Check

The claim that this image belongs to an Indonesian doctor who died due to COVID-19 is FALSE.

On Reverse image search, we found that this image is viral since March 22, 2020. A Facebook user named Ahmad Effendy Zailanudin, a Malaysian user first shared this image.

According to his post, the person in the image is his cousin and a Malaysian Doctor.

Here is his post that says:

This picture. He's my cousin. He's a doctor. He also has a family. The children who miss him. He is required when the country is still in the state of covid19 pandemic

This is how he meets the kids. From a long distance. I am also a father. I'm impressed when I see this picture. How is he feeling.. The feelings of his children.

Of course he also misses hugging children. But what can be done, have to stare at children from afar.

For FB friends, please help. Follow what orders are issued. Think about the feelings of others. We are grateful to be able to sit with the family at home. Playing with the kids. But they had to sacrifice. Expose themselves to risks. Just to make sure everything that is positive or positive accepts the treatment that should be. That's why I speak loud when I have a stubborn side. Not by instructions. Because of their stupid deeds, can trouble others. Think about it. May Allah protect all the front liner that is on duty.

We also found few articles in Indonesian Media reporting that the above claim is False.

We also found a fact check report by a fact checking organisation website , this fact check confirms that the image belongs to the Cousin of Ahmad Effendy Zailanudin from Malaysia and belongs to a Malaysian doctor and NOT Dr. Hadio Ali.

This report also confirms that this doctor is safe and still serving as a doctor.

Therefore, the claim that this image belongs to an Indonesian doctor, Dr Hadio Ali who died due to COVID-19 is FALSE. This image belongs to a Malaysian doctor who is in Good Health and is still serving as a doctor.

Claim Review :   viral image of Indonesian doctor who died with COVID-19
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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