Hyderabad: A video is viral on social media with a claim that NDTV Journalist Ravish Kumar was rolling on the ground while reporting on the news channel.      Fayaz Bukhari

BJP’s MLA Indu Tiwari from Madhya Pradesh tweeted this video on 29 September 2020. Upon translation it reads, “Do you recognise this messiah journalist? He imparts knowledge of journalism to the world. He finds today’s journalism as a joke. He’s called Ravish Kumar”. (archived tweet)

Fayaz Bukhari

Journalist Sushant B Sinha, also tweeted the video with a similar caption,“Do you recognise this messiah journalist? Hint: He imparts knowledge of journalism to the world.” (archived tweet)

Fayaz Bukhari

Archive tweet

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This claim is false.

Newsmeter checked online for pictures of Journalist Ravish Kumar, Senior Executive Editor of NDTV India and found that the man in the video is not Ravish Kumar. The journalist in the viral video is identified as Kashmiri journalist Fayaz Bukhari.

Below is a picture comparison:

Fayaz Bukhari

Newsmeter found a blooper reel from 2006 of NDTV which was uploaded in June 2013 titled, “NDTV Bloopers 2006: Err, rolling?”. In this video, the viral video clipping is added.

With this, we performed a keyword search and found that Fayaz Bukhari was covering a fedayeen attack on a Congress rally in May 2006 in Srinagar, as a correspondent for NDTV. He was rolling on the ground to escape firing.

A video from NDTV which was uploaded in May 2006 was found which mentions, “NDTV reporter Fayaz Bukhari and the cameraperson were just meters away from the gunfire.

Fayaz Bukhari

We also found a video uploaded by Associated Press from the same incident shot from a different angle and uploaded on YouTube in 2015, which proves that the video is very old and is from Srinagar during the rally.

Fayaz Bukhari

Therefore, it is clear that the claim is false.

Misha Rajani

Misha Rajani is currently a Freelance Fact Checker at Newsmeter and is a final year student at Loyola Academy Degree and Pg College. She is doing her degree in Psychology, English, and Journalism. She has a zeal for learning and is very passionate about writing. Apart from writing articles, she also writes poetry.

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