Fact Check: No, clapping hands in Janata Curfew does NOT kill Coronavirus

By Amritha Mohan  Published on  22 March 2020 7:00 AM GMT
Fact Check: No, clapping hands in Janata Curfew does NOT kill Coronavirus

Hyderabad: In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, prime minister Narendra Modi had appealed to Indian citizens to join in a 5-minute standing ovation, in appreciation towards the health workers in the country. Calling for a 'Janata curfew' on March 22, he asked people to "clap hands, beat plates, ring bells" on Sunday exactly at 5 pm in the evening.

In this context, a video has been going viral on various social media platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter, claiming that clapping hands will kill Coronavirus, which is why the prime minister had called for it.

Fact Check:

The video, was uploaded on Instagram by Vedantika Puri, who identifies as a wellness coach, on March 19. In the video, she explains that the "energy and vibrations created by this action (clapping) kills a lot of bacteria". She further adds that temples ring bells "not only to bring the disciples into prayer mode but also to kill viruses and bacteria surrounding the temple."

The video ends on a note claiming that "vibrations created by such sounds are not handled by bacteria" and with 130 crore Indians participating in the Janata curfew, "Coronaviruses and unwanted bacteria will die".

Apart from this, several WhatsApp messages have also gone viral, which convey messages on a similar note. "22nd March is Amavasya, darkest day in a month. All virus, bacteria and evil forces have maximum potential and power on such days. 5 PM- clapping, shankh nada etc by 130 crore people at the same time will create so much vibrations that virus will lose all potency. Must for everyone," said a WhatsApp message which went viral. Similarly, a YouTube video claiming 'Nadh Yoga' or sound therapy as a cure for coronavirus has also gained traction.

However, there is no scientific basis to these claims.

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) Director, Rakesh Mishra said, "There is no evidence to claim that sound will kill Coronavirus. If that were the case, India being one of the noisiest countries, the virus should have been non-existent. There is no connection between sound vibrations and the Coronavirus. It is surprising that such messages are still going viral and believed by lot of people."

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has also refuted the claim.

Hence, the claim that clapping hands during Janata curfew will kill the virus is FALSE.

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