Fact Check: Rahul Gandhi cutting cake on Congress foundation day passed off as Manmohan Singh's birthday

By Mounika Dasari  Published on  28 Sep 2020 9:47 AM GMT
Fact Check: Rahul Gandhi cutting cake on Congress foundation day passed off as Manmohan Singhs birthday

Hyderabad: Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's 88th birthday was celebrated on September 26. Many veterans including Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Manmohan Singh on his birthday.

Meanwhile, a video of Manmohan Singh is viral on social media. In the video, he is seen cutting the cake with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Users claim that the former Prime Minister is not allowed to cut the birthday cake in the Congress Party.

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"If a person in the party cannot cut his birthday cake, then think how he must have run the government for ten years," a user wrote while sharing the video

Fact check:

The claim being made in the video is False.

Newsmeter found that the video is not related to Manmohan Singh's birthday. The video dates back to December 2018 when Congress celebrated 134th foundation day in New Delhi.

With the help of some keywords, we got the video dated December 28, 2018, when the party's 134th Foundation Day was celebrated at the Congress office in Delhi. At the ceremony, Rahul Gandhi unfurled the national flag and cut the cake with Manmohan Singh. Several senior party leaders were also present on the occasion.

This video was also uploaded on the YouTube channel of Congress.

The Hindustan Times wrote an article when a similar claim was being made in the past.

The video is almost two years old and has nothing to do with Manmohan Singh's birthday.

Hence, the claim is False.

Claim Review:Rahul Gandhi cutting cake Manmohan Singh’s birthday
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