Fact check: Screenshot of tweet from a fake account resembling Hindustan Times is 2YO

By Vamsi Krishna Pothuru  Published on  24 Aug 2020 10:00 AM GMT
Fact check:  Screenshot of tweet from a fake account resembling Hindustan Times is 2YO

Hyderabad: A Facebook user shared a screenshot of a tweet that resembles the twitter handle of The Hindustan Times. The screenshot also contains the news report from a website called Faultnews.com. The post was accompanied by a text: "#Keralafloods Man refuses to accept saffron life jacket, dies as a result."

The same screenshot shared on Twitter too

Archives of the claim can be found here and here.

Fact Check:

FALSE, this is a two-year-old tweet by a fake account named HindustaanTimes that resembles Hindustan Times. The website featured in the tweet called Faultnews.com is also a satirical website.

Preliminary visual analysis by Newsmeter revealed that the twitter handle is not of Hindustan Times but a fake account. Also, Faultnews.com which featured in the screenshot is a satirical website.

Fake Tweet (2)

Twitter had suspended the fake twitter handle @HindustaanTimes.

Fake Tweet (1)

Also, Faultnews.com is a satirical website, and it has changed its name to Fauxy. It mentioned clearly in the 'about us' section that the content of its website is the work of fiction.

Few months ago, Newsmeter also debunked another story published by Fauxy.com about Boycott China T-shirts.

Fake social media accounts and parody websites often deceive people because they appear as authentic sources. Especially ideologically laden and bizarre claims from satirical websites spread massively on the internet.

The claim which surfaced originally during Kerala floods of 2018 was shared widely on social media.

So, the recently shared screenshot of a two-year-old tweet by a fake twitter account featuring a satirical website is FALSE.

Claim Review:Screenshot of tweet resembling Hindustan Times is 2YO
Claimed By:social media users
Claim Reviewed By:Newsmeter
Claim Source:social media
Claim Fact Check:False
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