Fact check: Seating arrangement in Sudarshan 35mm to suit physical distancing norms is true

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  1 Jun 2020 8:04 AM GMT
Fact check: Seating arrangement in Sudarshan 35mm to suit physical distancing norms is true

Hyderabad: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued new guidelines on May 30 for the re-opening of areas outside the containment zones. This reopening is planned to be done phase-wise. Reopening of cinemas halls will take place in phase III and the decision regarding restarting theatres will be taken after assessing the situation. All movie theatres in the country were closed down as a precautionary measure even before the nationwide lockdown was announced.

Recently, a few pictures have surfaced on the social media claiming that the seating arrangement in Sudarshan theatre, Hyderabad, is being changed according to the social distancing norms. Capacity of the theatre is being reduced to half and the price of the ticket might be hiked up to Rs 200.

Date of the reopening is yet to be announced.

Sudarshan 35mm at RTC X roads, Hyderabad, is one of the oldest theatres in the city that started in 1970s.

Fact Check:

The above claim is TRUE.

According to a report published in newindianexpress.com on May 13, 2020, a group of theatre owners from Hyderabad are preparing to host a trial screening of films after the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted. A source, on condition of anonymity, informed Cinema Express that they were working on a plan to decide how they reopen the theatres once the operations resume.

"To reduce/avoid physical contact, the managements of several theatres in the city, including Sudarshan 35mm (RTC X Roads), are considering ways to change their existing seating arrangements to minimise the spread of Covid-19. They are planning to set up disinfection tunnels while observing the physical distance protocols stated by the government," explains a source. For the time being, the theatre owners prefer re-releasing old films than opting for new releases.


We also found a report on Telugu website, 123telugu.com, as norms of social distancing are going to be stringent in the coming days, even theatre managements are also gearing up to implement it.

Sudarshan theatre at RTC X roads has already started making the necessary arrangements. They are making sure that there will be at least 3 feet distance between two seats in the theatre.


Srinivasa Reddy, manager of the theatre, confirmed that the viral picture about the seating arrangement in Sudarshan theatre is TRUE. He clarified that they started modification of seating arrangement a few days ago, but the process has been kept in abeyance for now. After a few suggestions from the distributors, exhibitors, and other stakeholders, they will be revising the seating arrangement model again. A final decision will be taken in a week or so and the media will be informed then.

Hence, the claim that seating arrangement in Sudarshan theatre is being changed according to the social distancing norms is TRUE.

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