HYDERABAD: Several tweets claim that Dubai is creating rain to battle the heat.

The rain is artificially made using technology in order to counter rising temperature and a sinking water table, netizens said.


This is true.

To battle the rising temperatures in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai scientists have developed a new drone technology to zap clouds with electricity in an attempt to bring increased rainfall to the arid country.

The technology, also known as "cloud seeding," uses drone technology to release an electrical charge into clouds, prompting them to coalesce and create rain. This was put into use as summer temperatures surged past 48 degrees Celsius in Dubai.

Scientists in the UAE are working towards new methods of weather manipulation in an attempt to bring increased rainfall to the desert country. The technology is reportedly favored compared to other forms of cloud seeding as it uses electricity to generate rain rather than chemicals.

UAE's National Centre of Meteorology released video footage of heavy downpours, which proved that the technology was successful.

This invention is a way to fight against rising temperatures and depleting water supplies in the Gulf state. UAE has been using cloud seeding technology for a while. It claims to be one of the first countries in the Arabian Gulf to do so.

(Source: The Independent, India Times, News Week, DNA India)

Thus, the claim of Dubai creating artificial rain to battle the heat is true.

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