Bhainsa town in Telangana witnessed communal clashes on March 8, 2021. Few people were injured and public property destroyed. The town has been on tenterhooks sensitive since then. Curfew was imposed in the town to bring the situation under control. Last year too, the town witnessed communal riots.

Amidst this, few images are in circulation with a claim that "9 Hindu houses were set on fire". "But no one is talking about it. Why? Because we are neither peaceful nor we take law & order in our hands and start riots. Surprised to see the silence of the BJP on #BhainsaRiots. Might because WB election is more important than Hindu life in Telangana," reads the caption.

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The claim that the viral images (except image1) show Bhainsa Communal riots are FALSE.

Old images are in circulation with a wrong claim about communal violence. Images from different events are being shared with a false claim.

When the images were searched using Google Reverse Image Search, we found that the images are from several news reports from 2020. Image 1 has been published in the news media articles that reported the recent communal clashes in Bhainsa.

But the Image 2 is from an incident reported in Bhainsa, they are not related to the recent violence in the town. It was taken in January 2020 when similar clashes occurred in Bhainsa.

Image 3 also was taken from News reports on Bhainsa clashes that took place in January 2020. Here is the Hindu report published in January 2020.

Image 4 was also taken in January 2020 as we found a news report published in New Indian showing the same image.

Though the first image is from the recent clashes, the other 3 images are from Bhainsa clashes that took place in January 2020.

Hence, the images claim that the viral images (except image 1) shows Bhainsa Communal riots is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Images of Bhainsa violence communal narrative
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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