HYDERABAD: Several Facebook users are circulating a video of a dance performance claiming that Chinese robots are shaking their leg at Shanghai Disneyland.

The caption of the Facebook post reads, "This classical dance was created in China and broadcast at Shanghai Disneyland. They are not dance artists, but robots made in China. The performance time is only about 5 minutes, but the waiting time for tickets is 4 hours, and the ticket price is 499 yuan. ($75). It is more complex than Japan's and has perfect facial expressions. Both dancers are robots. They look so real that they cannot be distinguished from actual people. This scares the heck out of me! Their robot technology is years ahead of ours".


The claim that the video shows Chinese robots dancing at Shanghai Disneyland is false.

NewsMeter searched online using INVID and found the same video broadcasted by BBC One in September 2013. According to the title of the video, the two people are identified as Abbey Clancy and Aljaz Skorjanec. They performed on the dance reality show 'Strictly Come Dancing' which is a UK television program Where celebrities team up with choreographers to compete in a ballroom and Latin dance competition.

Abigail Marie Clancy is a British model and television personality who was the runner-up of Britain's Next Top Model in 2006 and won series 11 of Strictly Come Dancing in 2013. Aljaz Skorjanec is a professional dancer from Slovenia. The duo participated together in the Strictly Come Dancing series 11 and were also named the winner of the reality show.

The same was also reported by Daily Mail. The article stated that Clancy performed the Viennese Waltz alongside her partner Skorjanec on Strictly Come Dancing to the Tom Jones classic Delilah. According to another website, the two were the first team on the 11th season to get a perfect 10 from the judges, and also a perfect 40.


The claim of the video showing robots dancing at Shanghai Disneyland is false.

Claim Review :   Video shows robots dancing at Shanghai Disneyland.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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