Cyclone Tauktae - an 'extremely severe cyclonic storm' has hit Mumbai and other parts of the country. Several images and videos are in circulation showing the destruction by this ferocious cyclone.

A video showing the collapse of a building onto the cars parked in the area is going viral. Users claim Trident hotel in Nariman Point, Mumbai collapsed.

In the video, we can see part of a building collapsing onto the cars parked in the parking lot.

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The claim that the video shows collapse of the Trident hotel is FALSE.

The video is NOT from Mumbai and is not related to Tauktae cyclone.

When searched using Yandex, we found that the video was online even before the Tauktae cyclone hit India. This was shared on Twitter in April 2021 with the caption: "A surprise for insurance companies ..."

It was also shared on Instagram. One of the persons wrote that this video is from Saudi Arabia.

When observed carefully, we can see a time stamp on the top right corner of the video that says '2020-07-30' clearly.

The same video was shared on Youtube on July 31, 2020, with the title, 'A number of vehicles were damaged as a result of the heavy rains in Medina'

The event was reported by several Arabic publications, captioned `Watch the moment a wall fell on cars in Saudi Arabia and a man escaped certain death'.

Several videos and images of the destruction occurred due to torrential rains in Madinah, Saudi Arabia were shared in this report by

Aljazeera has also published a report on August 1, 2020 sharing several videos that were published in the local newspapers. "A number of photos and videos showed that a number of vehicles were damaged following the collapse of a part of an apartment building, which resulted in damage to a number of vehicles parked below the residential building in the Bagedo neighborhood of Medina," said the report

Therefore, Trident hotel in Mumbai did not collapse due to cyclone Tauktae. The viral video dates back to 2020. It was shot in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Claim Review :   Video of Mumbai’s Trident hotel collapse
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Fact Check :  False

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