HYDERABAD: An image of several beds in a COVID ward at a government school in Delhi is circulating on social media. Netizens are falsely identifying the location as Lucknow.

The image is shared with the claim, "लखनऊ में 1500 बेड और तैयार किए गये, कोरोना हारेगा" (Translation: "1500 beds and ready in Lucknow, corona will be defeated"). This was also tweeted by news organization Aaj Tak.

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We performed a reverse image and found a similar image in a report by India Today. It reported that the Delhi government is taking an initiative and converting one of the state government schools into Covid-19 hospital with 125 beds. The converted school is situated at Rouse Avenue, with the help of an NGO- doctor.

Similar images were also tweeted by the DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION Delhi. "Our schools have served as shelters and food & ration distribution centers during Covid crisis. #DelhiGovtSchool Rouse Avenue is being converted to Covid hospital with 125 beds. Health is our topmost priority".

Below is a comparison of the viral image (left) and the image shared by the DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION (right).

Furthermore, a report by NDTV on the COVID ward in a Delhi school matches the viral image. The tweet reads: "Schools in Delhi are being set up for Covid care centers, provision of oxygen cylinders with beds".

The viral image is of a school turned into a Covid 19 ward is at Rouse Avenue, Delhi. Therefore, the viral claim is false.

Claim Review :   Lucknow school converted into COVID ward
Claimed By :  Social Media User
Fact Check :  False

Misha Rajani

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