Did Amul Milk fire 1.38 lakh Muslim employees?

A message claiming that the owner of Amul has fired 1. 38 laky Muslim employees, is viral on social media.

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  16 July 2021 12:52 PM GMT
Did Amul Milk fire 1.38 lakh Muslim employees?

A message claiming that the owner of Amul has fired 1. 38 laky Muslim employees, is viral on social media.

"अमूल दूध के मालिक आनंद सेठ ने अपने फैक्ट्री से 1 लाख 38 हजार मुस्लिम लोगो को निकाला, कहा देश मे थूक वाला जिहाद देख कर हम लोगो को गंदा दूध, दही, धी नहीं पिला खिला सकते, क्युकी अमूल दूध पिता है इंडिया* *अमूल दूध को दिल से आभार ऐसा कदम उठाने के लिए," reads the message

"Owner of Amul milk Anand Seth sacked 1 lakh 38 thousand Muslim people from his factory. He said after seeing spitting jihad in the country, they cannot feed dirty milk, curd, milk to the people. Amul milk is the father of India. Heartfelt thanks to Amul Milk for taking such a step," reads the English translation of the message.


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The claim is FALSE.

Amul has not made any announcement either on its social media accounts or website. The viral message says the CEO of the company is Anand Seth, which is not true.

According to Amul Website, the chairman of the company is Shamalbhai B Patel, Vice-chairman is Valamjibhai R Humbal and Managing Director is Dr. R S Sodhi.

Dr. Rupinder Singh Sodhi is Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, Ltd., (AMUL). Dr. Sodhi has headed the Marketing and Sales function of Amul for more than two decades and has spearheaded their highly innovative and widely acclaimed marketing campaigns such as (Promoting milk as 'world's original energy drink' & 'Eat Milk' campaign motivating Indian youth to include dairy products in every meal and Amul Doodh Peeta Hai India.


Amul's Managing Director RS Sodhi has denied this claim in several reports. Sodhi said in the last two years, the company has not fired a single employee and Amul does not have 1.38 lakh employees. There are only 16,000 to 17,000 workers in Amul's factories. According to Sodhi, the employees are selected on the basis of merit and even if someone is fired, his religion will never be made the basis.

According to Sodhi, Amul is a cooperative society and has no owner. Its owners are farmers who supply milk to the company. These farmers are from different religions and communities.



Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd is the apex organization of the Dairy Cooperatives of Gujarat, popularly known as `AMUL'. Amul's brand is not only a product but also a movement. It is in one way the representation of the economic freedom of farmers.

There is no owner of the organization.


Hence, the claim that the owner of Amul Milk has fired 1.38 lakh Muslim employees is FALSE.

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